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Air Master is the only manufacturer in Puerto Rico that has obtained the certification of the Miami-Dade County against impact and air infiltration. The state of Florida has a strict building code that requires all exterior windows and doors to meet certain criteria. These architectural elements have to be designed to protect a building during a hurricane where winds are often sustained at more than 100 mph with gusts over 175 mph.

What it mean?

The glass used for impact resistance products is a laminated interlayer sandwich between two sheets of glass in varied thickness, similar to car windshields and aircraft windows. The laminated/annealed glass of 5/16” can break upon a severe impact however it will not allow the flying object or water to enter through the window.

What are the characteristics of a product with this certification?

The series of Air Master Windows and Doors products that meet this certification are architecturally designed to protect homes and buildings in the event of hurricanes with winds of up to 165 mph. It is not a single component that makes it resistant, but a complete system that includes the "gage" of aluminum, glass and structural silicone.

The glass in the products that have passed the tests and have their certification, do not allow any projectile, water or wind to pass through, even under pressure or severe impact. If the glass receives a severe impact, it could "splinter", but not break.

  • * The glass that we use in our products with the impact resistance certification is a laminate that forms a "sandwich" of two sheets of glass, available in different degrees of thickness, much like the material on car windshields or airplane windows, 5/16" laminated / tempered glass could break with severe impact, but will not allow projectiles or water to enter the glass.
  • * Products must be installed according to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure performance during the passage of a storm or hurricane.
  • * Products with impact and hurricane resistance certification must follow the recommended sizes.
  • * The products must be in optimal conditions. The customer is responsible for notifying any maintenance issue once their product is installed.

Impact test video demonstration

Testing process to meet the Miami Dade County regulations