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During installation

Before you install one of our windows or doors, you must be aware of some aspects in the installation process that may affect the proper function and appearance of the product.

Galvanic corrosion

Wherever two dissimilar metals exist in direct contact, there is a great probability that corrosion may arise. When a third element such as dust or saltpeter is added, a bridge is made between the two metals creating an electrical couple. Once the couple is created the corrosion process starts where the strongest metal consumes or extracts the mass from the weakest metal. How can we prevent galvanic corrosion?


Be sure your installer totally isolates dissimilar metals placing inert materials between them. This is to prevent dust or saltpeter to create the electrical couple and the commencing of the galvanic corrosion process.


Keep your product clean and free of dust or saltpeter to stop any type of electrical couple. In places that are close to the sea an intense clearing is recommended once a month and in places far from the coast an intense clearing is recommended every three (3) months.

Sacrificial anode

When the product is found in extreme conditions of dust or saltpeter, or that the above recommendations are not effective, a weaker metal of those that are in contact or proximity should be used to perform the function of an anode and lends its mass for the oxidation process. This will favor the materials we want to preserve.

Caustic corrosion

During the handling and installation it is imperative that the materials are protected of any type of contact with chemicals that may damage the finish, hardware or glass. One of the most common chemical agents is the cement used for the finishing if the openings or the acids used in the clearing of tiles. If cement splash or clearing acid comes in contact with the surface of the product, the surface should be cleaned immediately, if not, the caustic agents will start an accelerated corrosion process and your product will lose its warranty. Exposed aluminum is very susceptible to the chemical used regularly in construction projects, which makes the clearing process one of extreme importance.

Air Master Windows and Doors recommends, specially in construction projects, to contract cleaning services with companies specialized in the final cleaning process once the materials is installed. These should have the knowledge and technical information of the cleaning products that may be used during this process.