A Higher Security Standard

For tropical living





Impact Resistance

Impact Resistance Demonstration

Our impact resistant windows and doors protect lives and property against extreme weather and provide added security to deter would-be intruders.

Safety is Priceless

To have these products and be at home with my family [during Hurricane Maria], and feel so safe—it’s priceless.

Maruchi Suárez

Air Master Windows and Doors customer


Home Improvement

Building your dream home? Remodeling your property?

Architectural & Design

Find inspiration in projects featuring our products.

Commercial Projects

Stand out with innovative concepts manufactured with highest quality standards.

Seeing is Believing

Like Saint Thomas, I had to see to believe. I have no doubt that these are the best windows in the market and that I’m safe at home from here on.

Jorge González

Air Master Windows and Doors customer

Why Air Master Windows and Doors?

Because we are the leading manufacturer in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean of high-performance windows, doors, glass and aluminum systems for residential, commercial and industrial structures.

With over 50 years, Air Master Windows and Doors has set standards for the industry featuring: innovative designs, state-of-the-art manufacturing, high-quality and performing products, a rigorous installation process, and customer-focused service where accessibility and transparency are key.

Industry Leadership

Air Master Windows and Doors is a preferred supplier of developers, architects and interior designers.


Almost half a century developing designs and manufacturing world-class aluminum and glass products.

Innovative Designs

Pleasant aesthetics, functionality and value. The power of good design at the service of wellbeing.


Beyond having a great style, they are functional products. Trustworthy installation performed by certified professionals.

Impact Resistance

Only certified impact-resistant products in Puerto Rico. Hurricane-force winds resistance up to 170 mph.


Premium quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacture technologies. Made to last.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient products that stabilize indoor temperatures and maximize energy use to reduce your utility bills.


Manufacture processes 100%-powered by solar energy; 80%-recycling rate of materials used in production.