Warranty Service

In Air Master Windows and Doors, (AIR MASTER) we are proud of our products, which we are constantly improving to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers. For this reason we offer a warranty for manufacturing defects, materials or installation for a limited period of two (2) years starting with the date of the delivery and/or the installation by AIR MASTER and in accordance with the restrictions detailed below.

AIR MASTER reserves the right to make changes in design or parts of its products understood necessary to improve design and/ or functionality. In the case of warranty for installation defects, it is required to have been contracted and performed by AIR MASTER. We reserve the exclusive right of determining in the case of a warranty service whether to repair or replace the product for another same or similar. Merchandise should be carefully verified when received, save all purchasing documents (purchase order and invoice) to be able to claim any warranty service. If there is no evidence of this it will be impossible for us to evaluate your petition.

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Restrictions by Category

  • The customer will have sixty (60) days from the delivery date and/or date of installation performed AIR MASTER to notify in writing with copy of purchase order and invoice, any claim related to the following:

    1. Defective locks
    2. Dents and or depressions in door frames (1/4” or more in depth)
    3. Doors improperly aligned with door frame (e.g. not plumb) (*)
    4. Finish defects- e.g. peeling or blistering paint
    5. Space between door frame and wall (*)
  • The customer will have thirty (30) days from the delivery date and/or date of installation performed by AIR MASTER to notify in writing with copy of purchase order and invoice, any claim related to the following:

    1. Defective operators
    2. Will not close properly
    3. Operators improperly installed (*)
    4. Problems with operable mechanism
    5. Improperly aligned and/or out of plumb (*)

    Locks and hardware:

    The warranty will be the same offered by the locks and hardware suppliers. The warranty only covers materials; if additional labor is needed to replace the locks and hardware, it will have an extra cost.

  • Our policy due to the fragility of this product is not to honor any type of warranty. For this reason we require that the product should be carefully verified before it is accepted or received as correct. Once the product has been received as correct, AIR MASTER does not provide warranty for the glass or screen.

  • Because we are on an island, corrosion is a very important subject in our warranty program. Various types of corrosion exist that may affect our product, for this reason it is important to perform proper maintenance and care. These are:

    1. Galvanic corrosion: this type of corrosion is common due to the accumulation of electrolytes such as dust or in areas close to the sea due to saltpeter. Once there is the union of dissimilar metals and a third element is added (dust or salt) an electrical couple is created where the strongest metal consumes the weakest. For this reason Air Master will honor a limited warranty of one (1) year for products that are installed close to the sea or are exposed to the sea or SALT water. If there is no evidence of proper care and maintenance warranty will not be honored. (**) The use of penetrating oils such as CRC and WD-40 is not recommended, since these tend to foment the accumulation of sediments that promote the galvanic corrosion.
    2. Caustic corrosion: This is a common type of corrosion due to the contact of our products with chemicals and abrasives. If at the time of an inspection it is found that the problem presented in our product is related to this type of corrosion, Air Master Inc. will NOT grant your warranty petition. (**)
  • All Master Guard or Storm Guard windows have a warranty of 10 years against damage caused by vandalism. To make the claim, the client must bring the window to our factory located in the town of Barceloneta, PR, with a copy of the purchase order, together with a copy of the complaint of Police of Puerto Rico on the act of vandalism. This warranty will be attended on working weekdays from Monday to Friday during regular hours 8:00am to 5:00pm. The warranty only covers damage caused to the window from the vandalism. This guarantee should not be construed, expressly or implicitly as a guarantee for any damage vandalized than that received by the window.

(*) This applies only to products where installation service has been contracted by Air Master.

(**) It is important that you request our Care and Maintenance document so you can conserve your products in optimum conditions, esthetical and operational. Our paint coating is of best quality, tone variations may exist within the same color, due to variations of lots, these variations are not covered within the guarantee. Our Warranty Policy complies or exceeds the regulations established by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO). To present any claims contact our Customer Service Department at phone number (787) 623-1800 or our web page www.airmasterwindows.com

Warning the lack of maintenance and misuse of this product voids the manufacturer's warranty.