Impact Resistant Products

That meet the strictest standards in the world

Products are skillful designed and manufactured to resist extreme weather events such as hurricane-force winds, torrential rains, high-velocity flying debris and drastic air pressure changes.

The only manufacturer in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with an aluminum and glass windows and doors collection rigorously tested and certified as resistant to impact and water infiltration by the Florida Product Approval and Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA)—the strictest standards in the world.

Impact Resistance Certification

Florida and Miami-Dade County building codes are more stringent than the Puerto Rico codes. That’s why our impact resistant windows and doors provide significantly superior protection, quality and durability.

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About Florida Product Approval

Based on the Florida Building Code, Florida Product Approval (FPA) is updated every three years to meet statewide requirements of structural strength, stability, energy conservation, ventilation and other standards for high velocity hurricane zone areas (HVHZ).

Although not required in Puerto Rico, the installation of impact resistant windows and doors that meet Florida product approval standards ensures higher product quality and better protection against hurricanes. This approval certifies that the product can withstand winds greater than 100 mph and gusts of wind greater than 170 mph.

Look for the Florida Product Approval number (FL #) on the product.

Miami-Dade Noa

Miami-Dade County, one of two Florida counties located in an HVHZ area, developed their own tests and standards for impact resistant windows and doors. The Miami-Dade NOA certification confirms that the product meets the most stringent airborne projectiles and water infiltration standards not only in the US but in the world, which have the ability to protect against Category 5 hurricane-force winds.

Impact Tests

If the doors and windows of companies claiming to sell hurricane resistant products have not been subjected to and passed impact resistance tests, they will offer little or no protection against hurricanes.

Miami-Dade NOA-certified products are tested to comply with the toughest guidelines. Authentic impact resistant windows are designed and built to endure airborne projectiles and water or wind infiltration even under pressure or severe impact. Glass can splinter, but it won’t break.

Windborne Debris Resistance Test

A glass window is subjected to two impacts from a 2-inch by 4-inch, 6-foot beam discharged at a speed of 34 mph. For the window to pass the test, the missile cannot penetrate the glass. Upon impact, the glass splinters in a spiderweb pattern but the polymer inter-layer keeps it from breaking into shards. Wind, water and debris could not enter the building.

Pressure Cycling Test

After the impact test, the window is tried for inward and outward pressure to simulate what happens during hurricane conditions. The window is subjected to 4,500 cycles of inward pressure and 4,500 cycles of outward pressure, this time going from higher intensity to lower intensity. This test is meant to simulate pressure changes during the passage of the eye of a hurricane. To pass the test, the window must remain intact; any opening cannot exceed 3 inches in diameter.

Water Infiltration Test

The window unit is subjected to a specified static air pressure, and then the exterior is sprayed with water for 15 minutes. The test can also be performed in three cycles of 5 minutes on and 1 minute off. Any uncontrolled water infiltration observed at the window interior during the test is considered a failure.


To ensure performance during a hurricane or other extreme weather, our impact resistant windows and doors must be accurately installed, according to our specifications. Our installation process goes beyond the highest standards: we’re the only company that uses twice of screws required by the most rigorous building codes.

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Avoid Certification Scams

Beware of window and door vendors and distributors who misleadingly claim their products have Florida Product Approval or Miami-Dade NOA certifications. Insist on seeing the product approvals or certificates.

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