Backing outstanding development projects and better quality of life

For decades, Air Master Windows and Doors has established strong relationships with our architects, contractors and developers. Our manufacturing capacity and transparency in our business allowed us to be a preferred supplier in numerous residential, commercial and institutional projects.


From new residential projects to homes on independent plots, Air Master Windows and Doors has designed, manufactured, and installed aluminum and glass security and certified products. Our windows, doors, and other solutions not only have enhanced the architecture but improved the quality of life by providing well-being and security as well.


First impressions matter - and complying with current building codes, too. Air Master Windows and Doors high-quality products have been key elements in the construction of large and small hotels across the island. Our aluminum and glass facades, doors, and windows, among others, reflect how great design, sustainable and safe construction goes hand in hand.

High and Mid-Rise Condominiums

From functionality and security to enjoyment of the scenery, windows play an important role in condo design. Air Master Windows and Doors ’high performance windows and picture windows allow to enjoy the views; help control outside noises and made many buildings in Puerto Rico more efficient.


One of the most important features of modern restaurant design is lighting. Architects and interior designers know the advantages of tall windows, doors with large glass panels, and skylights. Air Master Windows and Doors has manufactured those aluminum and glass solutions products for our restaurateurs since 1974.

Commercial Offices

Whether the design concept of a business office aims to reduce energy use, improve internal environments for occupants, or generate more LEED points, choosing suitable architectural products is a good investment. This is known to our many clients who for decades have trusted us when building or remodeling their company offices.

Our mission is to continue being an essential part of outstanding commercial development projects in the local education, healthcare, tourism and housing sectors.

Fitness Centers

Allowing natural light to the interior in gyms and other athletic facilities brings multiplied advantages: physical and mental health benefits, as well as energy-saving. That’s why Air Master’s Windows and Doors custom-made aluminum and glass products are preferred in the most avant-garde fitness centers.

Retail Storefronts

Customers these days don’t buy products but experiences. That’s why many retailers in Puerto Rico have put on a show using transparency to their advantage with the help of Air Master Windows and Doors products and services. The correct safety glass, enclosed in the strongest and more durable aluminum structure.


Buildings with doors and windows that allows sustainability and provides the right environment for learn, work and play. Air Master Windows and Doors architectural solutions, designed in accordance with building codes, have contributed to the development of safer, more aesthetic and more comfortable schools on the Island.


Architectural solutions to ensure specific levels of natural light, perfect seal, control of UV rays, and increase security in museums and art galleries are part of our offer. Air Master Windows and Doors has designed and manufactured aluminum and glass products that help protect and preserve our cultural heritage.


A holistic approach to health care spaces design includes natural light because it is a healing force and offers significant benefits to patients and staff. Small-scale clinics to world-class hospitals in Puerto Rico have preferred our windows and other aluminum and glass certified products.

Let’s Build Great Things Together