How To Clean your Glass Doors

Cleaning your glass doors can be challenging if you don’t know the do’s and don’ts of cleaning glass. Here are some steps to follow!
How To Clean your Glass Doors


Glass doors are wonderful things. They provide beauty, style, light and a sense of open space. They soften the transition between interior and exterior spaces and give us pleasing views of landscapes and cityscapes.

Cleaning your glass doors can be challenging if you don’t know the do’s and don’ts of cleaning glass. Using the right tools and methods, you can always have glass doors that sparkle.

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Glass Doors

– DO clean your glass doors regularly, once a week or twice per month. The longer you wait between cleanings, the more dirt builds up on the glass and the harder it is to achieve a streak-free glass surface.

– DO use the right materials. Newspapers and microfiber cloths are best for cleaning glass surfaces and leaving them streak free.

– DO use a squeegee. This inexpensive tool helps you work faster and avoid streaks.

– DO consider making your own cleaner, using one part white vinegar and one part distilled water. It’s a safer, more effective and affordable way to clean glass.

– DON’T use cotton, rags or towels. These materials will leave lint behind on the glass.

– DON’T use abrasive materials to remove stubborn stains, as they can scratch the glass permanently. Instead, use a cloth and warm or hot soapy water.

– DON’T wipe the same area over and over with soiled paper or microfiber cloths.

– DON’T let the cleaning solution drip on wood surfaces.

– DON’T use excessive force when cleaning the glass.

– DON’T use pressure cleaners. Most glass doors aren’t built to withstand the pressure of a portable high-pressure cleaner without cracking.

How to Clean Your Glass Doors

Supplies You May Need

– Distilled water.

– Vinegar.

– Rubbing alcohol.

– Spray bottle.

– Newspapers.

– Microfiber cloths.

– Nonabrasive sponge.

– Squeegee.

– Bucket.

1. Clean Visible Dirt

Wipe away any built-up dust and dirt. Use a water-and-soap solution on both sides. After you do this, you can use your homemade or commercial cleaner to get the final, streak-free sparkle that you want for your doors.

Remember to clean your glass doors frequently. It takes a few minutes to wipe a relatively clean glass surface but hours to wipe built-up grime.

2. Add Alcohol to Homemade Cleaner

Make your homemade cleaner with 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 cup water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar to produce a more quickly evaporating cleaner that makes it easier to clean and polish the glass.

3. Clean in Sections

Mentally divide the door or doors into sections and clean them section by section. Cleaning in sections allows you to keep track of the areas you have cleaned and clean the entire surface evenly, without missing any details.

4. Clean from Top to Bottom

Whether you’re using sprays or wet cloths, gravity will cause the cleaning solution to drip down the glass surface. Always begin at the top and work your way down to avoid drips on previously cleaned sections.

5. Rub in a Variety of Directions

Spray your cleaner liberally over the glass surface and move your chosen cleaning material in a circular motion, followed by up-and-down, then followed by a side-to-side motion.

6. Buff the Glass with Microfiber

After washing the glass, buff it clean with a microfiber cloth to give the glass a sparkly finish.

7. Wash Glass Doors on a Cloudy Day

You may think this it’s better to clean your glass doors on a sunny day so that you can see every spec of dirt on the glass. But the sun can prematurely dry the cleaning solution, leaving residue and streaks on the glass surface. A cloudy day will give you enough time to wipe away the cleaning solution and polish the glass to a nice shine.

8. Wipe Less: Use a Squeegee

Wiping and re-wiping typically result in smudges and streaks. Using a squeegee just once over a surface leaves it clean and streak-free.

9. Don’t Forget the Corners

Residue that builds up in the hard-to-reach corners of glass panels can be almost impossible to clean. Use cotton swabs to clean these corners.

10. Reduce Lint with Old T-Shirts

If you don’t have newspapers or another lint-free material to clean your glass doors, use clean old t-shirts, as they usually don’t leave any residue and are absorbent enough to clean and polish glass. Using old t-shirts also is a good way to save money and reduce the amount of trash you produce when cleaning your glass doors.

Cleaning the Hardware

To clean the hardware on your glass doors and maintain them in good shape over time, polish the hardware with a metal polisher and cleaners such as Brasso, Wright’s or Weiman.

Don’t forget to lubricate the locks from time to time to keep them in good operating condition. Using a can of WD-40 spray that has an extension straw on the nozzle, spray a few drops into the locks. For keyed locks, use your key to test the lock a few times and remove excess lubricant.

You’ve invested time and energy to make sure your doors reflect your style and meet your needs. Protect your investment with the proper care and maintenance of your glass doors.

If you have any additional questions about glass doors or if you’re looking to replace any of your doors, give us a call. Our door experts will be happy to help you.