How to prepare your home for replacement windows

So, you've decided to get replacement windows for your home. Good for you! You're making a great investment.
How to prepare your home for replacement windows


New windows can beautify your home, increase its value, reduce your energy costs and protect your property and family from severe weather and break-ins. Once you purchase the windows, the next step is their installation. Are you ready for it?

There are a few things you should do to prepare your home ahead of a window installation. The following 10 steps will give workers easy access to the windows, protect your belongings and help the installation process go smoothly.

1. Schedule a Good Time

To minimize the impact on your daily routine, consider taking time off work during the installation. Installation technicians usually arrive early in the morning and stay until they finish unless they need more than one day to complete the job. Usually, the installers will use your driveway as a workstation, so make sure to pull out your car before they arrive.

2. Make Your Home Accessible

You should try to be home at least for the installation to meet the crew, ensure that they brought the correct windows you purchased and walk them through the rooms where the installation will take place. If you can’t be present during the installation, plan with someone you trust to give the installers access to your home. Don’t forget to disable your alarm system, especially window sensors.

3. Clear a Path

Throughout the installation process the workers will repeatedly walk in and out of the home and rooms, carrying large and heavy things such as windows and tools. They’ll need a clear path in and out of the work areas. Remove furniture, area rugs, plants and any other items that could get in their way. You may also need to remove things outside the home, such as plants, patio furniture, trash cans, hoses, toys and lawn decorations. Keep in mind that the installers will probably use ladders to install second-story windows.

4. Remove Window Coverings

Take down curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters and anything else covering your windows. Ask your installer if you also need to remove the hardware. You should also take down paintings, pictures and other wall hangings near the windows to protect them from any damage during the installation process.

5. Protect Floors and Furniture

Window installation can be a messy job. Although the workers will likely come prepared with their own drop cloths, you may want to take your own precautions to protect your furniture, floors and electronic equipment from dust and debris by covering them with plastic sheeting, drop cloths or tarps. Discuss this aspect of the project with your installer before the day of the installation.

6. Relocate Children and Pets

During the installation of your new windows, workers will be coming in and out of the house leaving doors and gates open. To keep your children and pets safe and out of the workers’ way, you should arrange for someone to watch them that day, especially if you’re replacing windows in all or most of the rooms in the house.

7. Protect Plants Outside

Sometimes, installation technicians need to work in flower beds and other landscaped areas near the windows they’re replacing. You may need to prune some trees and overgrown shrubs to grant access to the windows. Consider relocating delicate plants to keep them away from getting damaged. You should also cover plants closest to the windows with tarps or plastic sheets to protect them from dust and damage.

8. Conserve Energy

While there’s no way to eliminate cooling and heating losses during window installations, you can conserve energy by replacing your windows or turning off your air conditioning during the installation.

9. Plan for a Clean-Up

Depending on your installation contract, your installer may haul away the old windows and debris generated during the installation. If you’re doing the clean-up yourself, you should arrange for a dumpster to be delivered to the site. To clean the smaller stuff, consider investing in a shop vac to pick up drywall dust or other debris. Using a Shop-Vac makes the clean-up job easier and saves your regular household vacuum cleaner from damage.

Final Thoughts

Planning ahead and preparing your home for the installation of your new windows will save time, ease the installation process, protect your property and reduce the risk of accidents.

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